Time, Let’s Talk About Feminism

According to Time, Feminism is a buzzword. An annoying one that needs to hit the road, and never be uttered ever again. One that should be compared to non words, and internet speak.

Well, Time, let me tell you something. Feminism is not a trend. It’s not some made up, nonsensical, ridiculous word dropped into our laps recently.  OMG YOLO OMNOMNOMNOM #LOL….Did I do that right? Probably not. Whatever, get off my lawn.

Feminism is a real, necessary, actual movement. It’s been around for awhile, and it’s kind of a big deal.

Here’s some Feminism 101 for you, since it appears you have no idea what feminism actually is. Marie Shear said, in 1986 – do you see that, Time? 19 fucking 86 –  

“Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”  

Crazy shit, right?! I don’t expect you to be able to digest this new information right away. Take your time. Get a coffee. Go to the gym. Meditate. Go to church. Do what you need to do to process this shocking concept. I totally get it. Really, it is so incredibly difficult to comprehend the fact that there are women and men who want to fight for gender equality. They want to work until women are no longer seen, or treated as second class citizens.

But, who the hell would want that? It sounds so obviously horrible.

 “And you might even seek out the nearest the pair of chopsticks and thrust them through your own eardrums like straws through plastic lids.”  If this is your reaction to the word feminism, you are probably one of those assholes who smugly announces on social media that you don’t need feminism, or believe that feminists are a group of man-hating, bra burning bitches.

I can’t burn my bra because I need it. Also, it cost a lot of money, and burning it would be financially irresponsible.

Here’s a memo for all you anti- feminists:

Feminism is why we women-folk can vote. It’s why we have the ability to choose to go to work or not, to reproduce or not, it’s why we don’t have to take our partner’s name when we marry because  we’re not property. It’s why we don’t have to get married anymore, if we don’t want to. It’s the reason there are more woman in media, in tech, and in positions that were once commonly only for men. Do you understand that, person who says it’s never been relevant in your life? You are able to freely describe that asinine opinion because

The irony, oh how it burns.

Feminism is still and will always be relevant, because for all the leaps and bounds we’ve made, we still have so much further to go. Because women are threatened every single day for voicing their opinions on the internet. Because a man can abuse a woman, and people will still make excuses for him. Because there are politicians who are hellbent on taking away bodily autonomy, who believe rape only happens to women who want it. Because there are women who are being repressed, and oppressed, all over the world.  Because, a notable, supposedly intelligent magazine has the misguided opinion that feminism is just this annoying trend that we need to get the fuck over. Because we could fill every empty space of the internet with all the reasons everyone needs feminism. Because people don’t get that this isn’t just an issue for us “killjoy feminists”. No. it’s a fucking global issue, thankyouverymuch.

I have a suggestion for your poll, Time. Can we add “Websites being derogatory toward feminists and feminism for clickbait/traffic” as something to banish for good?  It’s not edgy, funny or forward thinking to promote polls or think pieces that trash feminism. Perhaps, that’s not your intention. For all I know, your website could legitimately be aspiring to gather readers that lurk on websites like 4Chan, threaten to kill a feminists, who think that anyone who makes a sexual assault or rape claim is clearly lying, who cry foul because “men’s rights!” and wear misogyny on their chest like it’s a fucking badge of honor.

Because that’s the sort of mob you are attracting with pieces like that, Time. They are the ones sharing your piece with veracity, and pride.

This poll, even if it shows that feminism is a faux pas, a word to be “deleted”, is simply put, fucking wrong. Realistically, it doesn’t matter to me, (and I’m sure to any other self-proclaimed feminist) what the results are. We are past that part of the discussion. We know that feminism is necessary, even if you haven’t figured that out yet. We know we need celebrities to talk about it, even if we don’t subscribe to their version of feminism. We know the importance of sharing our own experiences with feminism, and what it means to us. We know the generation behind us, and even the one in front of us, need feminism. We know that even the women who say that they don’t relate to feminism, and reject it, primarily because they’ve yet to understand feminism despite the fact that they utilize all the benefits that it’s afforded them, need it.  It’s not just some passing fad, like Pumpkin Spice or posting food pictures to Instagram. Feminism is not something we can afford to get “sick of”. We all need it. Even you, Time.

You know what I am sick of and would love to vote off the island?

I’d love it if we could stop insulting the women who fought for the rights we have today by insinuating we have “enough” and need no more. I’d love it if we could just stop having to explain why I need feminism, why we need feminism, because I think it’s been more than covered for you. Maybe you just need to start listening.

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