Parenting Perfection

To the Mom who wants to do everything just “perfect” :  Don’t. I know, I know. It’s so easy to say that, but really, don’t do it. Perfection is boring. Maybe I’m weird (I am), but I want to be flawed. I want to be dynamic, to evolve as a woman, as a mother, to

Perpetual Paralysis

We’d just toured the school that I was supposed to go to after he was born. We, my agency worker and I, stood in the spring sunlight, my belly aching from the constant Braxton Hicks, speaking with hope of all the things I’d be doing in the coming months. The focus had shifted from planning

When I’m Stuck In My Head

Yesterday, I cleaned the kitchen six times. I thought about how dull and meaningless my life is now. How I don’t measure up to all those other mothers. How easy I have it and yet here I am, pathetic and miserable. How I don’t soak in the moments enough. The guilt, it’s always there. It’s
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