Fondue For Two

You should know that I have some of the very best friends in the entire world. The kind that offer to look after your kids for your anniversary, but actually sort of demand that they be allowed to babysit because they know you haven’t been on a date with your husband in over two years.

Babymaking 101

“How are babies made?” I dropped the brush I was using to blend the blush on my cheeks, and I hoped to hell that my kids didn’t see my reflection in the mirror. Because, I did, and it was lined with shock, panic, and a little bit of “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY HUSBAND WHEN

To Solve A Mother-In-Law Problem

If you Google, “What to do when your Mother-In-Law hates you?” you’ll realize that a) You aren’t the only person dealing with such an annoyance, b) Some Mother-In-Laws are certifiably crazy and c) No one really knows what the hell you are supposed to do when your Mother-In-Law believes you’re an evil villain. Here are

We Got This, Maybe

“You’ve done this before,” I snapped at him. My husband was being helpful, he was telling me everything I needed to hear, and yet, I didn’t want to hear any of it. “This is my first time on this ride. I don’t know how to do any of this. I don’t know what we’re supposed