12 Tips For A Canadian Living Paycheque to Paycheque

A recent study came out saying that half of Canadians are living paycheque to paycheque. We’re just going to file this under, “Duh. Water is wet, and also rain falls from the sky.” In all honesty, I’m surprised the percentage isn’t higher. Housing prices in Canada are obnoxiously high, renting is no longer the “cheaper option”,

Back To School Blues

Anyone who asked me two week ago if I was excited for back to school was meant with a groan and possibly a quip about how I wasn’t ready for the summer to be over. I love the freedom that comes with summer; there is no real obligations, there’s a spontaneity that you can’t duplicate

Lipstick and Lorazepam

The boat is sinking, I’m inside, my hair perfect, lips painted red. Can you tell that I’m falling apart? I refuse any life jacket, because I don’t need it; I won’t fall out. I’ll hold on tight. Just watch how strong I am, watch how I weather this storm. You can’t see the fear in

PokeGyms and “Hostage” Situations

My husband is competitive. Don’t ask or tell him that though. He’ll tell you he just enjoys competition but he’s not competitive. He’s lying. A total lying liar liar pants on fire. His mom once told me that when he was unable to be the very best at something as a child, he’d give up, because
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