Does He Know?

With his brand new Star Wars hat, my son paced around our front porch.  I sat perched allowing my skin to drink in the early morning sun. His lips were moving every so slightly as he attempted to count out the dandelions along the edge of our neighbour’s lawn.  Mid count, he stopped and turned

Sometimes, Almost is Everything

The tire swing had spun until I stopped it because I was certain that someone was going to be sick, despite their somewhat pathetic, ghost-faced attempts to tell me they were okay. I walked back to the pitch where my son was playing soccer, my daughter skip running in front of me, her too big

Make Room For It All

“This is what I hate about this weekend,” I snarled as swung our front door open and stepped out into the blazing sun. I’d managed to turn my dizzy dance of wondering if The Kiddo’s family would reach out to me this weekend into a slow spin, only mildly sick from worry. I can’t control