Back to School We Go (Or went…)

Technically, it’s the third week of school for us. It’s also the week I’ve deemed “When The Crazy Starts” — All of our activities start this week. At least I had a staggered reentry into the routine of the school year before I’m reminded of why I have a bottle of wine on the ready.

I CAN do Hard Things: I wrote a novel

I’ve been talking about writing a novel since….well, we’ll just say forever. And ever. It was always, “when I write my novel,” because I had this ridiculous idea in my head that it was going to hit me similar to J.K Rowling, and bam, I’d have my novel. Partially, I was under this impression that

This Is Where We Are

A friend suggested to me, in the terms of relationships, that jealousy is very much a social construct and is not a productive emotion. On a lot of levels, I absolutely agree. I’ve been doing my best to catch myself when I feel the pull of jealousy in many areas of my life; It is