The Space I Take Up

I am not unapologetically fat. I’m hyper aware of my size; the way people either look me up and down or not at all -the invisibility of fatness, as it were- both heartbreaking in different realms. I’m aware that it makes me a second class citizen; my mother taught me that with her commentary on

Let’s Be Real About Marriage

This is pretty obvious: Marriage is hard. I mean, hard isn’t even the most accurate word to describe it. It sounds so bland, so one dimensional in comparison to how dynamic and intense it can be, good or bad. Maybe it’s harder personally because I didn’t witness a healthy marriage growing up. My parents were

Being Enough For Them

There hasn’t been a moment in this parenting journey where I’ve felt like the life, love and memories I’m giving my children is enough. I need to be better, always better. That’s not a bad goal to have, right? Then I realize so much of this perfectionism is deeply internal; I never feel like I’m

With Friends Like These

Before we left, I knew that I had to hug her. You should know, I’m not a hugger. However, it felt felt like the only appropriate way I could show how I felt. My best friend and her family had thrown my daughter an impromptu birthday party. Maybe it was the fact that I’d casually
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