I Think I’m Doing “Soccer Mom” All Wrong

All organized events where I’m forced to interact with other parents just because our kids have been piled together makes me an exceptionally judgmental asshole. Though, I must confess that I am the one that actively campaigns for my children to pick a team sport, activity, something after the long, painful cabin fever induced winter. You

No Tribute This Time

I see all those tributes people make to the babies they lose and I think, “I wish I could be like that. I want to be like that.”  There was a time, though it feels hazy now, when I did do that.  I used to light candles. I helped organize a walk regarding pregnancy loss.

Does He Know?

With his brand new Star Wars hat, my son paced around our front porch.  I sat perched allowing my skin to drink in the early morning sun. His lips were moving every so slightly as he attempted to count out the dandelions along the edge of our neighbour’s lawn.  Mid count, he stopped and turned