Maybe I’m the one that’s invariably broken. Jagged, rough, unfinished, in need of being discarded. I know I light some bridges on fire, the shadow of those flames dancing as I watch the spectacle. But maybe, maybe, I soak them in kerosene first.   Maybe the shades of grey, the fragmented way I view the

The One in Which I Admit I Love Pro-Wrestling

Sometimes you have a very bad, no good, awful, stupid week. Sometimes, after you maybe,possibly, sort of lost your shit when you stepped on another damn toy that you asked to be picked up eleventy billion times, you decide, it’s time for a drink. Or two. Or like four. And then, because no one takes


A wave of nausea hit me when I saw them; pictures from my first wedding. Brow furrowed, I sorted them, unsure why after so many years, they were still in my possession. I had gotten rid of them, at least I thought I had. * * * * * * * * * *  My
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