Lipstick and Lorazepam

The boat is sinking, me inside, my hair perfect, my lips painted red. Can you tell I’m falling apart? I refuse the life jacket, because I don’t need it; I won’t fall out. I’ll hold on tight. Just watch how strong I am, watch how I weather this storm. You can’t see the fear in

PokeGyms and “Hostage” Situations

My husband is competitive. Don’t ask or tell him that though. He’ll tell you he just enjoys competition but he’s not competitive. He’s lying. A total lying liar liar pants on fire. His mom once told me that when he was unable to be the very best at something as a child, he’d give up, because

Top 11 Things About BlogHer ’16

I could regale you all with wonderful stories of the things I did at BlogHer ‘16 since there are many and goddamn, I love telling stories. I definitely I described myself as a “wordy bitch” several times over the conference. Yes. I like words, all of them. In writing, in talking, even if I’m talking
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