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Shattered yet Sanguine

My mind is a constant whirlwind; thoughts and emotions being thrown around, to observe. It reminds me of the pictures I’ve seen recently in the news. Wreckage everywhere, yet people are still pulling through the heavy rubble and pressing forward. How do we do that? How do humans keep going despite the cumbersome overwhelm that

What You Should Know About Open Adoption

Can we talk for a second about what adoption actually looks like? I’m not talking about the fairy tale that you were sold or have come to believe exists through media. The adoption rhetoric that pushes people to tell you to be grateful. To be happy, to feel blessed. I wanna talk about the inherent


This story begins, like any extraordinary story, with vulnerability. It’s etched with the importance of our voices, of our words, and our experiences. It’s a tribute to all the things you think you should never say, the things you wish you could say or do, the times when you second guess reaching out to someone,

In The Vociferous Silence

I’d grown restless and anxious in the tiny cream house filled with one too many people. The creaking of the hardwood would startle me awake at night. The front door would rattle the old windows in my room whenever someone went in or out. The way I could hear my roommate play the piano, effortlessly

When The Lies Hurt Us More

I used to take a break from my work, whatever it is – writing, parent council, other volunteerism – by sliding out onto the porch and smoking. It was a brief moment, where I could feel the sun on my skin, I could legitimately shoo my children away without guilt. Somewhere along the line, smoking
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