Review: L’Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Skincare

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll often see me tweeting about how my body seems to think it’s a teenager, again. More specifically, my face seems to be going through a second adolescence. My acne is worse than it was when I was a teen, and it wasn’t great then. Combine that with stupidly dry, incredibly sensitive skin and a love of all things makeup?

It’s a big giant ugh.

When I was chosen by Influenster to review L’Oreal Paris Hydra-Total Skincare (Ultra-Soothing, of course), I was pretty stoked. I’ve never been married to one line of skincare because it either winds up being too harsh, or stops working after I use it for a certain amount of time, no matter how religious I am about using it.

Full Disclosure: 

  • I was sent this line of products free by InfluensterREVIEW
  • I wanted to love them.
  • I didn’t even really like them.

I’ve debated on how to discuss these products without completely trashing the line, because I think, in the hands of the right person, it could be a great product. For me? It’s not.

For instance, the Micellar Water (the first step in the line), claims to take off your make-up.

The first day I got it, I put on a full face of make-up just to test out the claim that it takes off your make up. Because, you know, that’s a mighty big claim to make for a product that has the word WATER in it’s title and comes from a tiny bottle.

The first go round? I used almost half the bottle, more cotton balls than I use in a week of my normal make-up removal routine, and I still didn’t get all of it off.  I do not wear a lot of make up. I mean, I wear a lot of makeup in comparison to my friends who do not wear any, but I don’t wear that much that a cleanser that claims to take off your make up, should not take off my makeup.

I digress.

The next day, I decided to try again, perhaps thinking it was the way I applied it. Nope. In two sittings, I was almost out of the Micellar Water. I’m willing to spend money on a product (and I didn’t on this occasion, thankfully), but not if it won’t even last me a full week.

I was determined though: I tried yet again, but this time, I used my trusty make-up removal wipes. I left a majority of the product still on and still, the Micellar Water couldn’t remove it all. The only time the Micellar Water worked was when I first removed all of my makeup with the above mentioned wipes. It would pick up any extra left behind and seemed to work well. It also did work really well as an eye makeup-removal on all occasions, but did take a bit more scrubbing than I’m eager to do right before bed.

As for the toner, I think I’d buy this on it’s own simply because most toners make my skin feel like it’s become the Sahara Desert. You do absolutely need to follow the directions on it – do not rub, which took some getting used to. Dab, dab, dab!

While I did love the Ultra Soothing moisturizer –  it’s the first I’ve found that has helped me combat my winter dryness issue – like the Micellar Water and even the Toner,  I found I was needing to use more than was recommended. That being said, I wouldn’t necessarily write it off because the moisturizer worked for an exponentially long time. Where my dry skin people at? You know what I mean, right? When you put your moisturizer on, and your skin literally drinks it in, and is STILL dry?  Once this moisturizer was on, it worked really, really well. Which is funny, because the product does have alcohol in it, which typically dries out my skin.  It wasn’t greasy either, which is another problem I typically have with facial moisturizers (there never seems to be any balance).  At a cost of  $12.97, I’d likely repurchase it, just because it did work so well on my skin type.

These products would be decent for someone who wears minimal makeup and struggles with the same dryness that I do.I will say I did have more breakouts than normal when using these products, but that could be summed up to a number of things (stress, diet, PMS, etc etc)  and not necessarily to the L’Oreal product.

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