PokeGyms and “Hostage” Situations

My husband is competitive. Don’t ask or tell him that though. He’ll tell you he just enjoys competition but he’s not competitive. He’s lying. A total lying liar liar pants on fire. His mom once told me that when he was unable to be the very best at something as a child, he’d give up, because

Top 11 Things About BlogHer ’16

I could regale you all with wonderful stories of the things I did at BlogHer ‘16 since there are many and goddamn, I love telling stories. I definitely I described myself as a “wordy bitch” several times over the conference. Yes. I like words, all of them. In writing, in talking, even if I’m talking

The Space I Take Up

I am not unapologetically fat. I’m hyper aware of my size; the way people either look me up and down or not at all -the invisibility of fatness, as it were- both heartbreaking in different realms. I’m aware that it makes me a second class citizen; my mother taught me that with her commentary on
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