Babymaking 101

“How are babies made?” I dropped the brush I was using to blend the blush on my cheeks, and I hoped to hell that my kids didn’t see my reflection in the mirror. Because, I did, and it was lined with shock, panic, and a little bit of “WHERE THE FUCK IS MY HUSBAND WHEN

To Solve A Mother-In-Law Problem

If you Google, “What to do when your Mother-In-Law hates you?” you’ll realize that a) You aren’t the only person dealing with such an annoyance, b) Some Mother-In-Laws are certifiably crazy and c) No one really knows what the hell you are supposed to do when your Mother-In-Law believes you’re an evil villain. Here are

We Got This, Maybe

“You’ve done this before,” I snapped at him. My husband was being helpful, he was telling me everything I needed to hear, and yet, I didn’t want to hear any of it. “This is my first time on this ride. I don’t know how to do any of this. I don’t know what we’re supposed

The Glue

“I’m working all weekend.” I felt my shoulders sag, but I only nodded, and empathized, “Oh, that sucks. Do you get time in lieu?” “Yeah, I’ll take it at the beginning of February.”  Another nod as I went back to wiping down the counters, and planning out lunches for the next day. “But, I’m going