Just Keep Swimming

In February, when the final report cards were passed out for swimming, I knew there was a chance that my son wasn’t going to pass the first level. My husband and I had talked about this in hushed tones when the kids were sleeping, trying to figure out how to best navigate this situation. For

Nerdylady Burlesque Feminism

A couple weeks back, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go see the Suicide Girls Burlesque show in Calgary. I casually mentioned it’d be fun, and why not, sure.  You know, thinking that it was just all, OMG, this would be totally awesome to go to but we won’t go because

All Those Tricky Feelings

A new appointment means more paperwork, which I’ve grown accustomed to. Add an extra 15 minutes on the beginning of the appointment. Bring all the cards, and identification. Write down all the numbers in my agenda.  It also means whispering, as I quickly look over my shoulder to make sure my son doesn’t hear, “Just